SURCARIBE was founded in early 2008 with the clear objective of professionalizing the construction sector in the area of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. The rapid economic growth of the area, together with the greater influx of tourists has boosted in recent years the need for companies such as SURCARIBE, who know and act in accordance with the current regulations in Costa Rica professionalizing the construction sector in the South Caribbean, according to the ecological and protectionist  characteristics of the country.

We are specialists in construction and rehabilitation of housing. Also we dedicate our efforts to topography, architecture, interior design and property management. We make our costumer´s projects  our own projects, taking meticulously care in all the details in order to ensure excellence.

In SURCARIBE we comply with the Costa Rican labor legislation and all our workers are insured in the Costarican Social Security and National Insurance Institute. We are also part of the committee "For a Safer Caribbean" being able to advise our clients on matters related to domestic and community safety.