Economic dynamism and tourism potential of Costa Rican South Caribbean have created a growing demand for construction projects in an historically little exploited environment.

From SURCARIBE we are committed to excellence in all our work, providing all our projects their own life and their own personality, We are always in line with the environmental requirements, current legislation and the characteristics of each customer, adapting all our initiatives to the esthetics of a unique ecological environment.

If you want excellence, you're SURCARIBE.


Remodeling a home is always a challenge for any construction professional. from SURCARIBE we want also to bet on them.

More and more people realize that a remodeled house offers the charm of a new home but knowing that is dwelling in a piece of history.




Construction projects always carry forward planning an architectural design to adapt buildings to the regulatory requirements of the country.

From SURCARIBE we offer these services, which together with the construction of the project will give you the convenience of having large and experienced professionals in the fields of architecture and construction in the same office.



The study of the land and the knowledge of the area are essential requirements given the specific land´s characteristics in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica. Abundant rainfall and lush flora make up a terrain that is necessary to know in depth to build in a efficient, safe and durable way.

With our goal of excellence, SURCARIBE offers you professional provision in the field of topography to keep our quality standards in all projects.



Home decoration is always an arduous task; search providers, look for the better furniture at the best price, the best color combinations, ...

If you do not want to have to worry about all these details in SURCARIBE we offer complete advice on interior design ensuring the best results so you just have to enjoy the final result.

all projects.



We strive for excellence in all our work and property management is no exception. Among the services we offer you can find:

- Management of the estate with maximum exclusivity to the owner, full attention via email / phone (Spanish, English, French)
- Management of weekly, biweekly, monthly rentals (chekin-chekout)
- Staff management (garden, cleaning, cooking ...)
- Payment Management (Water, Electricity, Taxes ...)

Our clients porfolio is limited and exclusive: we are not seeking volume, we seek quality.

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